Monday, April 11, 2011

“I’ll Be Praying for You”

How many times have we said that or signed a card “you are in my thoughts and prayers”?  Countless, right?  Next question – how many times have you really done it?  I mean really prayed for that person or their particular situation?  Be honest with yourself; it’s o.k.  I admit that I have written or said that and then not followed through. 
Granted, there are times when I pray for specific people or situations; but in our daily prayers (goal), do we specifically pray for all the people that we said we would?  I don’t.  But it is something that I want to improve.  How do I accomplish this?  Being a nerd, I am going to set up a list where I actually list the names and situations that I know about or have told folks that I would.  Sadly, there are a lot that I am aware of and deserving of all of our prayers and age sometimes limits what I can remember.
Now, the question switches to how long to leave someone on the list?  If my mission is accomplished, that will be a good problem to have because that means I am sticking to my resolution.
If I ever tell you that I will be praying for you, now you know that I will be doing just that.
Zach, A Tennessee Squire

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