Thursday, August 30, 2012

Having An Open Mind

How many times do we make our minds up & then nothing can change them?  We all do it in many aspects of life - people, food, locations, industries, political parties, and music.  I ran across this story today and it really hit a chord with me.


This is a story of a guy who was very adament about his dislike of Billy Joel's music and then opened his mind just a little bit.  He set out to listen to every single Billy Joel album and blog about it.  I will let you read the story (or the title) to see what the outcome was. 

The key point is that he was willing to try it.  How many times have we said that we wouldn't like a particular food, but then finally try it to find out we love it?  I have always said that I don't like raw oysters, though I love seafood in general.  Well, this summer I tried raw oysters again to see if my tastes had changed.  Still don't like them, but at least I verified my opinion.

I try to have an open mind, especially when it comes to music.  Play my iPod on random and you will hear Christmas music, rock, country, gospel, easy listening, and many other types of music.  Now, if I can be as open-minded about others things in my life...... 

Let's try it.

Zach, a Tennessee Squire

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