Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Every time I see or hear that word, I think back to rocking my boys when they were babies and we rock them to music.  Often, it was Jimmy Buffett’s Ballads, Linda Rondstadt’s Lullaby, or Harry Chapin’s Gold Medal Collection.  The Gold Medal Collection also included clips of interviews with Harry.  As you may know, he was very involved with hunger issues, etc.  One clip in particular started with Harry yelling “THANKSGIVNG!” before going on to explain how he wished schools would focus on feeding the needy year round, not just at Thanksgiving.  That would always come on and give the boys a startle and often wake me, as well.
Sorry for the digression.  I do feel obligated since I blog to post one for Thanksgiving waxing poetic about what I am thankful for.  I will go ahead and tell you that I am thankful for a loving beautiful wife (I know I married up), two great boys, a great new job, great friends, and God’s mercy.  Now that those obvious ones are out of the way, there are a few slightly off-the-wall ones that I have.  I am thankful for:

  • The person who came up with the “Right on Red After Stop” rule.
  • The fact that the Bellevue Pub was packed on January 15, 1993 and there wasn’t a parking spot.
  • That second trip through the charcoal in Lynchburg.
  • Fredrick Banting for discovering that particular hormone which has a unique smell and regulates blood sugar.
  • The fact that Alex Van Halen had to deliver papers so he could pay for his guitar.  This enabled Eddie to pick up said guitar while Alex was gone.  The rest is history.
  • A community who doesn’t wait for government to act.
  • A place called the Fillin’ Station where everyone knows my name.
  • A great group of ladies at JDRF – Middle Tennessee who are working for my Kyle and millions of others.
  • A coffee shop named The Red Tree whose owners have hearts of gold.
  • A company that not only allows me to perform charitable work, but encourages it.
  • The ability to download just one song on iTunes vs. buying a CD for that one song.
  • That I was able to get tickets to the Jimmy Buffett benefit for W.O. Smith School many moons ago.  Best show ever.
  • That I have a decision to make on WHICH benefit plan I want at work.
  • A company named HealthTrust, Inc. where I started my career.  Made lifelong friendships there.
  • Martin Methodist College – a place where deep friendships were made and still exist today.
  • Caller ID
  • Neighbors who make life fun.
  • Friends made through JDRF, but we all wish we never had to meet.
  • The backup warning beep on my F-250.
  • Microsoft Outlook’s Meeting Planner
  • Rosa & Miguel and their smile, their food, their free chips and salsa, and their margaritas.
  • A church known as the church that cares for its community.
  • That the traffic light and lanes are repaired at the middle and high school.
  • The fact that I am able to write this, post it, and that you can read it.
 Please feel free to add your own as a comment.

Zach, a very thankful Tennessee Squire


  1. I love your list. And might I say I'm sure many others are also thankful for he backup warning beep on your F-250... ;)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Squire. Interesting. I just blogged a list of my own with aspects of my life for which I'm thankful. Posted it & then popped over here to see your latest post. Looks like great minds think alike as our structure is almost identical.

  3. The Maxwells are thankful for you and your family and all that you do to find a cure for every one of us:) Happy Thanksgiving. Marinda, Red, Miller and Cassie