Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Classic for any child of the 70's

No, I am not talking music, but a red bathing suit.  But not just any red bathing suit.  A red bathing suit that launches a career, a hair style, and caused many males to "think impure thoughts".  This bathing suit:

Now you know what I am talking about - Farrah's red suit.  Her long-time beau Ryan O'Neal is donating the suit, a first season Charlie's Angels script, and a Farrah doll to the Smithsonian Museum.  Beats the heck out of bunch of dino bones in my book.  Of course, back in the day, this was somewhat risque'.  Compared to what I saw just last night at a high school basketball game, Farrah might as well be wearing a burka!  The link to the story is found at:  :

I will leave you each to your own thoughts now.

Zach, A Tennessee Squire and Farrah fan.