Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving - 2011

Well, it’s Thanksgiving morning and I am the only human awake in the house.  It is quiet except for the whining of the dogs who constantly need something.  I thought this would be a good time to write my Thanksgiving blog.  A lot of people have been doing a daily exercise of posting what they are thankful for on Facebook.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I saved them all so you can read them all in one swoop. 

I started this tradition last year ( where I would throw out a list of things for which I am thankful.  I realize that I am very blessed by a great family, loving kids, God’s grace, and a roof over my head.  My list spans the gamut from serious to off-the-wall.  For those that clicked the link and read last years; yes, I have repeats.  So, as I sit in my kitchen on November 24, 2011 – here is what I am thankful for (in no particular order):

·         My friends who are in the JDRF community as staff who chose their role.   They are working and fighting every day for Kyle and those of us who didn’t choose to join the diabetes community.
·         Jeffrey Brewer, who has a vision for JDRF and is determined to get us there.  He willingly took the role of CEO, but like the rest of us, didn’t choose the role as a parent of a child with T1D.
·         Grant Currin made the state cross country race.  It enabled the Currins and Claytons to meet up.
·         Joe Dubin agreed to be in the JDRF golf tournament and play with me and Joe Dillingham which led to a very enjoyable day of golf and frivolity.
·         Opportunity to see Journey, Night Ranger, Motley Crue, Posion, and Buffett in concert this year.  Included in this was the joy of Kyle’s smile that wouldn’t wipe off at his first concert (Journey).
·         My friend Cheslie celebrated her first Wednesday without chemo in many months yesterday.  They stopped because they worked.
·         The charcoal in Lynchburg.
·         The fact that the Bellevue Pub was packed on January 15, 1993 and there wasn’t a parking spot.
·         Clicking sounds of Boxers walking on floors.  My Sadie, Angel, and Nikki drive me crazy at times, but bring much joy.  They are always happy to see you when you walk in the door.
·         Fredrick Banting
·         Patrick and the Fillin’ Station.  Though, I don’t frequent it as much as Norm, he stills knows my name.
·         A great job that I love and look forward to every day.
·         Martin Methodist College and the fact that a former classmate is teaching a friend of Will’s.
·         Sammy, Michael, Joe, and Chad decided to put out a second CD as Chickenfoot. 
·         Dr. Najjar listened to Kyle explain why HE wanted to switch from pumping to injections.  Too often, we think we know what is best for someone else.
·         That I decided to buy the Calico Trail CD finally.  Great disc.
·         I get to see where my Company’s “rubber meets the road” by looking across the cul-de-sac in front of my house.
·         I reconnected with my kin – Lorie Melton through Facebook.
·         Neighbors who make life fun.
·         Kingston Springs UMC and all the people there – a place where everyone knows your name.
·         The South Cheatham Choral Society and the KSUMC choir who give me a chance to sing even though I don’t know much about reading music.

Finally, if you are ready this, I am thankful that I could type this out, publish it, and that you took the time to read it.  I know there are many more things to be thankful for, but I will close for now.
Zach, A Thankful Squire

Monday, October 3, 2011

Living the Dream…..

Lots of folks have dreams of being in a rock band, playing music in front of thousands of people, and living the rock & roll lifestyle; if you know what I mean……  On September 13, I got to see the living and breathing definition of living the dream – Arnel Pineda.  Don’t click off here and go to Google; hang on and keep reading.
Once again, the oldest teenager (Will), life-long friends Joe & Shannon, and I took off to catch another concert.  We did have one additional passenger on our ride back to the 80’s – youngest son KYLE!  This concert with Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey would be Kyle’s first big-time concert.  He was pumped about seeing Journey, as was Will.  I continued to be amazed at how the music from my youth captivates my boys.  Well, most of it – still haven’t gotten them to like “Kiss Me Hello” or “Lonely School”.  I, too, must admit that I was looking forward to this show, since I had never seen Foreigner and the last time I saw Journey, it was the Escape tour and I was in high school. Once we got the “been there and done that” t-shirts for Will & Kyle, we made it to our seats just in time.
Night Ranger was the first on the bill and was ready to rock or needed to hit the road quickly, because they came out 10 minutes early!  Luckily, I was in my seat and ready.  Like most fans, when I go to see concerts, especially older acts, I really want the old stuff vs. playing new stuff that I will never buy.  Night Ranger’s opening song Lay It On Me was new and rocking.  It actually convinced me to go snag the new CD.  This was about the fourth time that I have seen Night Ranger and they continue to impress me.  They are high energy and great musicians with Jack Blades playing the ultimate rocker by having the talent, as well as the rocker looks.  Nashville’s own – Kelly Keagy did a great job playing drums and singing their signature song – Sister Christian.  Even with the short set list – Jack treated the crowd to Damn Yankee’s High Enough.  It was interesting to hear Jack sing Tommy Shaw’s parts in the song since their vocal ranges differ just a bit (sarcasm!).  On that subject, Damn Yankees is one band from the 80’s that needs to get back together for a few shows, if not a new album and tour.  Gentlemen, the time has come for this to happen.  Anyway, here is Night Ranger’s set list -
·         Lay It On Me Sing Me Away
·         High Enough
·         When You Close Your Eyes
·         Don't Tell Me You Love Me
·         Sister Christian
·         (You Can Still) Rock in America

Foreigner was scheduled to come out next.  This was one that I could put a checkmark by, having never seen them before.  I really liked the early Foreigner – so early that I had Foreigner, Double Vision, & maybe even Head Games on 8-track (Google it if you are under 35).  The latter stuff was too much pop-leaning for me.  Foreigner basically has had two known members through the years – Lou Gramm on vocals and Mick Jones on lead guitar.  The other members could have been plug & play.  Lou Gramm left the band a few years ago and was replaced by Kelly Hansen; so that left Mick Jones.  Well, Foreigner came out and commenced to run through their list of hits.  About halfway through the set, Kelly Hansen was talking to the crowd and said that Mick Jones sends his best and that he would rejoin the tour soon.  Huh?  I hadn’t realized that Mick Jones wasn’t there since I wouldn’t know him if walked out of my bathroom.  My friend Joe summed it up best by saying “ we are watching a cover band?”  That about sums it up.  Nothing against Kelly Hansen who worked his ass off, but if no original members are up there – pull-eze.  Here is their set list which reads like a K-tel record from the 70’s & 80’s:
·         Double Vision
·         Head Games
·         Cold as Ice
·         Waiting for a Girl Like You
·         Dirty White Boy
·         Feels Like the First Time
·         Urgent
·         I Want to Know What Love Is
·         Hot Blooded
·         Juke Box Hero

Last and certainly not least, Journey came out.  As I mentioned, the last time I saw Journey was years ago and there were a couple of personnel changes since then.  First, Steve Smith retired and was replaced by Deen Castronovo.  Deen was in Bad English, as was Journey’s (and Nashville resident) Jonathon Cain.  The most obvious personnel change since the 80’s was Steve Perry’s departure and ultimate (2 swings & misses) replacement by Arnel Pineda.  If you don’t know Arnel’s story, he was in a Journey tribute band in his home country of the Philippines.  Journey was looking for a replacement (after Steve Agulari and Jeff Scott Soto) and someone suggested they get on YouTube and watch video of his band.  Well, bing, bang, boom – Neal Schon & company hire him.  The thing about Arnel is his voice and the resemblance to Steve Perry.  Most folks say that when you close your eyes (Night Ranger reference), you wouldn’t know that Steve Perry had left.  He is full of energy and was running all over the place, including a couple of laps around the floor of the arena.  Journey has a new CD out, so they did the obligatory two cuts off the new disc.  The best way I have found to describe Journey’s sound is a “wall of sound”.  It is just this large and loud backing sound with Neal Schon’s lead guitar licks and Arnel’s voice coming through.  Neal Schon and Jonathon Cain’s intro’s and extended jams got a little old, but all in all, they still have their chops.  They pulled one oldie out of the rectal database – La Do Da.  Joe & I theorized that this song was done because of the range in this song and it gave Arnel a chance to show his talents.   Here is their set list:
·         Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
·         Ask the Lonely
·         When You Love A Woman
·         City of Hope (new)
·         Faithfully
·         Stone in Love
·         Edge of the Moment (new)
·         Lights 
·         Wheel in the Sky
·         Open Arms
·         La Do Da 
·         Be Good to Yourself
·         Any Way You Want It
·         Encore:
·         Don't Stop Believin'
·         Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Throughout the show, Kyle kept smiling and would occasionally squeezing my arm and saying how great it was.   At one point while Arnel was running around the arena and high-fiving the crowd with this huge grin on his face, I leaned over to Joe and said “this guy is living the dream”.  Just a few short years ago, he was in a tribute band playing in a nightclub and now he was in THE band he was emulating and playing to sold-out arenas.  So whether it was Kyle at his first concert or a guy from the Philippines singing with his idols, they were living the dream.
Zach, a Tennessee Squire living the dream

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

No, this isn’t a blog about the Meatloaf song or Meatloaf himself.  First, I apologize for the delay in posting.  Life gets in the way sometimes of getting things done.

When I saw the New York Dolls/Poison/Motley Crue show announced for the Bridgestone arena, I almost pulled the trigger and bought tickets, but having just seen Buffett and knowing I was purchasing Journey tickets, I thought I would ease back on the concert expenditures.  Then, out of the blue, I got an offer for two tickets in a suite.  Sweet!  So, I asked the 15 year-old if he wanted to go and he was all for it.  This was especially rewarding because Crue and Poison were on the list of bands that I haven’t seen, but wanted to before I got too old.  .  I had seen each of the two main lead singers (Bret Michaels & Vince Neil) on a solo tour, but never with their respective bands. 

I must disclose that I went in being a huge Bret Michaels fan – yes, I have seen every episode of Rock of Love on VH1.  The main reason I am a fan of Bret is because he is a huge supporter of kids with diabetes.  He has had Type I diabetes (just like my Kyle) since he was 6 years old.  He talks about it, donates money, time, and visits with T1 kids. 

Well, the New York Dolls are evidently an older punk band from New York – duh.  It was typical punk rock – angry, noisy, etc.  The singer quickly discovered that the only way he could get a crowd reaction was to walk to the edge of the stage and scream either “Nashville” or “F*#k!”.  It was a preview of things to come.

Next came Poison.  Their set consisted basically of a list of their hits by a group of guys who were having fun playing rock & roll.  The only song that I wished they had played was “Something to Believe In”.  They even mentioned that Rikki Rocket was celebrating his son’s birthday here in Nashville.  Long way from the previous Poison reputation.  Here is the set list:

·         Look What the Cat Dragged In
·         Ride the Wind
·         We're An American Band (old Grand Funk Railroad song – Poison actually recorded a cover of it)
·         Your Momma Don't Dance
·         Guitar solo
·         Fallen Angel
·         Unskinny Bop
·         Drum solo
·         Every Rose Has Its Thorn
·         Talk Dirty to Me
·         Ain’t Looking for Nothing But A Good Time

After what seemed like a relatively short set change, there was a large explosion and here comes Motley Crue.  It was large and loud – just like we all expected.  Unless you knew the songs, it was difficult to make out the lyrics – but then again, it is rock & roll – do lyrics really matter?  Granted, I have dropped more than my share of cuss words, including the big F-bomb, damn those guys have the trash mouth.  It is one thing to hear once, but every over word being an F-bomb wears thin when you are sitting by your 15 year old.  My friend Mike Arnold ( had warned me about Crue’s language and he was right.  Picking up where skinny dude with the Dolls left off, members of Crue took their turns yelling out the “F-bomb” and “Nashville” and even going the distance and combining the two phrases.
As Crue ran through their set, they had one of the pre-requisites for hardcore rockers – girls.  There were bikini-clad, bought boobie, blondes on stage with one role – eye candy.  In keeping up with their “bad boy” image, a pentagram was constantly showing on the side video screens. 
Typically, Tommy Lee, Crue’s drummer, has always had an outlandish kit.  In the past, his kit has risen, extended out over the crowd, and even flipped over like a somersault.  Tonight, he would not disappoint – his kit was on a roller coaster track of a large circle on edge.  Imagine that you are looking at this letter O with his kit at the bottom (6:00 on a clock).  During his drum solo, the kit would make the loop around the O and even stop at the top with Tommy hanging upside down.  During the solo, he had the roadies snag a lady from the audience who sat beside him and for the ride around the O. 
One of the funniest things of the night was during the song “Girls, Girls, Girls”, pictures of girls were being flashed in rapid succession on the screen behind Tommy’s kit.  There were old tin-type pictures of girls and the modern ladies and models.  The best part – for a split second – they flashed a picture of Justin Bieber up.  There were a few that caught it and loved it.
Another highlight was who I was in the suite with - it turned out that a good friend of mine from work (Jennifer Holt) was there with her husband who works with my friend that got us tickets.  Then, I realized that the sister of one of the guests was a girl I went to UT with – Beth Swartz.  We hadn’t seen each other in years.  It was good to catch up.
Here is Crue’s set:
·         Wild Side
·         Saints of LA
·         Live Wire
·         Shout at the Devil
·         Same Ole Situation
·         Primal Scream
·         Home Sweet Home
·         That's Alright
·         Drum solo
·         Guitar solo
·         Looks that Kill
·         Dr Feel Good
·         Too Young
·         Ten Seconds (?)
·         Girls Girls Girls
·         Smoking in the Boys Room
·         Kickstart My Heart

In closing, it was a great show where I loved seeing two of the three bands.  There were two more bands checked off Zach’s “Never Seen Those Guys Before” list. 
Zach, A "not too old to rock" Tennessee Squire

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The "C" Word

Get your mind out of the gutter.  I am not talking about THAT “C” word.  I am talking about cancer. 

My exposure to cancer was when my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in the 4th grade.  My understanding of it didn’t progress past knowing that my Mom had to drive her Mother to Nashville every day for a treatment and that my Grandmother was living with us.  I also realized the ugly side of cancer as it took my Grandmother from us about six months after diagnosis.  Through the years there were others who I knew that had cancer.  Some won, some didn’t.  Either way, it took its toll on those impacted – the patient and the patients’ families. 
Fast forward to the fall of2010.  We received word that a good friend of our family, Allison, had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  That one kind of hit home - she was one of us.  She wasn’t an older person or a grandmother.  I am happy to report that she is recovering nicely and well considered cancer free. 

As I was moving my friends, David & Kristina, my cell phone rang.  The number I saw was not one that I see daily (Momma Squire, etc.) on my phone.  It was my neighbor, Jim.  He told took a deep breath and told me that he was with his wife, Sue, at the E.R.  They were at first thinking that she may have been having a stroke due to the severe headaches.  Long story short – they discovered two tumors in Sue’s noggin and three in her lungs.  She underwent brain surgery to remove the two tumors and it was successful in that they are gone, they weren’t attached, and it appears they will stay gone.  Sue is undergoing chemo on the three tumors in her lungs and the tumors keep shrinking. 

The main thing I want to write about with Sue is her attitude and strength.  Her whole family and friends as well, have leaned on God and His strength to get them through these months.  I can’t think of a better way to show her attitude than to show you two pictures of Sue:
This picture of Sue (2nd from right) was taken during a celebration of Kingston Springs Elementary School reopening in July 2010.  Note the large smile…..

The next picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Sue’s pool.  Notice the ever present smile though she has undergone brain surgery and almost eight months of chemo.

Not a large difference in the two smiles is there?  Attitude is everything.  Sure she has her good and bad days, but don’t we all. 

Not long after Sue’s diagnosis, we got word of lung cancer recurrence for another friend and even more recently, one of our former Youth at church was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  When it rains, it pours. It is a shame that when I log into Caring Bridge, there is more than one site to visit.

Why am I writing this?  To whine about friends’ medical woes?  Nah, I can’t whine.  I can do nothing but look with admiration at my friends, especially Sue, at how they handle whatever life throws at them.  Maybe I wrote it to help me and you realize what we have and to be thankful for each and every day that we have. 

Hug those you love and make that call you have been forgetting and tell them you love them.

Zach, a thankful Tennessee Squire

P.S. Sue has been documenting her journey on caring bridge.  Her site can be found at

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cheap Crap Would Just Wind Up Under the Seat Anyway....

Maybe it goes back to being an only child, being selfish (there is a difference), or just common sense, but I remember flipping out the first time Momma Squire asked me the question.  "What question?", you ask?  This question:

Momma Squire:  What are we going to do for goodie bags for the birthday party guests?
TN Squire:  What do you mean?
MS:  You know, the litttle bag of treats and prizes for the kids to take home from the party.
TS:  I'm confused.  The kids bring presents to Will/Kyle, we don't give them anything but cake and ice cream.

I, and ultimately Momma Squire, have long been opponents of sending the kids home from parties with goodie bags.  I think it stems from the knowledge that the cheap crap from the Dollar Tree will wind up broken and in the garbage or under the seat.  We would do something like a Polaroid picture with frame or something the kid could use to remember the party. 

I started this blog with humor because I could believe this story that I am getting ready to share with you.  It is a sad story; but believable in this day.

Party Host Threatened When Kids Don't Get Cake

Man Showed Gun To Host

Police said one man took it a little too seriously when his kids didn't get cake at a birthday party.
Memphis police said Joseph Hayes was angry his children didn't get any treats at the party. Investigators said he returned home, tucked his gun in his pants and then went back to the party.
When he got back, police said, he showed the gun to the host and told them to take care of his kids.
Hayes was charged with aggravated assault.

Zach, A Tennessee Squire and still a goodie bag boycotter

Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Fin-land

Before you assume that I have taken an international trip, I am referring to the name of Jimmy Buffett’s latest jaunt around the country.  Bubba’s tour descended upon Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Saturday May 28, 2011. 
When tickets went on sale around my birthday in March, I decided to buy two and either go or sell them.  I missed Bubba’s last stop in Nashville (2010) which was on the weekend of “the flood”.  As time approached, I realized that I needed to figure out 1) whether to go and 2) if so, who?  Realizing that Buffett would be eligible for Medicare this Christmas (that’s 65 for the uninformed), I answered question #1 pretty quickly on the thought that chances are dwindling for opportunities to see him.  True, I am into double-digits for the number of shows, I was still ready for more.  Next was the question of who to take.  Momma Squire – “Hell no, I won’t go.  Last time there was this long-haired grunge guy behind me swinging his head and his hair kept hitting me.”  Even after assuring her that we would move if we saw him, she wouldn’t go.  Since Stevie Nicks had plans, I asked the 15 year old.  He said “sure” with all the enthusiasm a 15 yr old can muster when going to see a 64 year beach bum!
As we topped the hill at Broadway and 8th and looked toward the river, we noticed that Broadway had been blocked for a block party thrown by Margariaville Restaurant.  There was also an abundance of colorfully dressed folks and some scantily clad.  It was very obvious that Buffett was in town!  Our seats were in the club level on stage left.  From our vantage point, we could see the side stage area where the artists came out from backstage and entered the stage.  Pretty cool seats.
Here are some random thoughts and observations from that night:
·         While the Bridgestone Arena is nice, you lose something by watching Buffett indoors.  I remember many nights at Starwood under the stars.  Something to be said about that.
·         Mac McAnally – what an artist.  Whether as a prolific songwriter, CMA musician of the year, singer, or Coral Reefer Band member, he is one of a kind.  Years ago, Buffett would bring him out in Nashville for a couple of songs, but now he is a full-time member of the Coral Reefers.  He used to be somewhat in the background on the stage, but today, he is out front on equal footing with Jimmy.
·         With a song catalog as large as Buffett’s, it is always great to see what he picks to play.  While he always does the ones he is supposed to do, he always throws some deep cuts in to keep it interesting.
·         It appeared that he rediscovered the A1A album this tour.  He pulled five songs, including about three deep cuts, from this album.
·         The uh-oh moment – I realized right as a particular song started that I had not told Will about Let’s Get Drunk & Screw.  As the chorus started, he just turned and looked at me.  What could I say?
·         Buffett started a tradition a couple of years ago where he would close each show acoustically solo.  Just Jimmy and a guitar.  The song is always one of those deep cuts that I referenced above.  There is even a double CD full of these – it is called Encores.  This is very reminiscent of the W.O. Smith show I wrote about before (
·         The “only in Nashville” moment – one of the things that I love about Nashville concerts is you never know who will trot out on stage.  First, the vast majority of the Coral Reefer band was from Nashville.  Secondly, right before the start of Come Monday, I spotted someone on the side-stage area with a guitar in their hand looking like they were getting ready to come on stage.  I thought it was a replacement for Jimmy’s guitar, but I was wrong.  Next, Jimmy simply says “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Kenny Chesney.”  Of course, the place goes nuts and then he sings Come Monday with Jimmy and comes back out later for another song.  I leaned over and told Will that you couldn’t get that anywhere else, but Nashville.
Here is the set-list for what was a great night:
·         The Wino & I know
·         Brown Eyed Girl
·         Off to See Lizard – including new verse about his dive off the stage in Australia
·         Havana Daydreaming
·         5:00 o Clock Somewhere
·         Changes in Latitudes
·         Life is Just A Tire Swing
·         Come Monday (with Kenny Chesney)
·         Let’s Get Drunk and Screw
·         Son of a Son of A Sailor
·         Back Where I Come From (Mac and Chesney)
·         Cheeseburger in Paradise
·         One Particular Harbor

Jimmy says he has to change batteries and let Nadira Shakoor (long time backup singer) take over.  She sings Use Me Up

·         Tryin’ to Reason with the Hurricane Season
·         Presents to Send You
·         Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street
·         Bama Breeze
·         Volcano
·         Margaritaville
·         A Pirate Looks at 40 (just Jimmy & Mac)
·         Southern Cross
·         School Boy Heart
·         Fins

First Encore (band intro)

·         Great Fillin Station Holdup
·         Midnight Rider

Second Encore

·         Stories We Could Tell (solo acoustic)

Guess Will summed it up best when we were leaving “He knows how to party, especially for an old guy.”  ‘Nuff said.

Zach, a Parrothead and a Tennessee Squire

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things Are Slower Than They Appear

Yes, that is a play off the warning (“WARNING:  OBJECTS MAY BE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR”) on the passenger-side rear-view mirror.  Which, how can you watch the road and read that at the same time? 
I digress.  The title refers to the view I have had over the last 5or so months as the 15 year-old has driven with his learner’s permit.  The first time I got in my truck with him at the wheel, it was very weird.  Just getting in on the passenger side took adjustment because I had to hoist a different leg on the running board.  Then, the seat belt is on the right shoulder vs. the left and I have to change which hand I hold my drink in (should have been stronger than coffee!).
If you have ever ridden the Aerosmith Rock & Rollercoaster @ Disney, that was us as we left the driveway.  If you haven’t, imagine an Appollo rocket launching.  I swear we hit 80 before we got to the end of the driveway.  My head becomes a swivel as I quickly look at the speedometer.  The first thought is “damn, I have got to get the truck in and have the gauges checked out.” I couldn’t believe it!  We were only going 15!  I finally realized the speedometer wasn’t broken, but that he was really going 15 mph. 
Next, I didn’t realize that my tires were 8 feet wide.  They have to be!  Otherwise, we would have driven off into the ditch on the right side.  The final realization was that I now know why all the Drivers Ed cars have that extra brake for the passenger.  As we went along, I must have put a dent in the passenger-side floorboard. 
Yes, I have attempted to put a humorous spin on riding with your child for the first time, but in reality, he is a very good driver – even better than his mother!  It is all about perspective and that applies to many different situations.  Sit in someone else’s seat and look at the world through that perspective.  It might just change your outlook.
From the passenger seat,

Zach, A Tennessee Squire

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Year Ago....

As I dropped the boys off at school this morning, I pondered on the fact that the road I was driving on was under 8 feet of rushing water a year ago.  The irony that it has been raining for the last couple of days was also not lost on me.

What is different a year later?  A lot:

  • Where there were houses, there are now empty lots and new homes.
  • Many flooded homes are still unrepaired.
  • Many homes are just now being finished or are still in the process of reconstruction.
  • We all probably pay a little bit more attention when Nancy VanDiaster says "Flood Warning"..
  • People are now friends who never knew each other pre-flood.
  • We empathize a little more with those anyone we see on the news after a natural disaster - like the folks in Alabama.
These are the quick ones that come to mind.  I know there are many more, should I take the time, but we can't dwell on the past.  We need to learn from the past, build on it (literally) and move on.  We all have changed and are still changing.

Take a moment and remember.  To help you remember, my blog from that time is included below:


Zach, A Tennessee Squire