Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cheap Crap Would Just Wind Up Under the Seat Anyway....

Maybe it goes back to being an only child, being selfish (there is a difference), or just common sense, but I remember flipping out the first time Momma Squire asked me the question.  "What question?", you ask?  This question:

Momma Squire:  What are we going to do for goodie bags for the birthday party guests?
TN Squire:  What do you mean?
MS:  You know, the litttle bag of treats and prizes for the kids to take home from the party.
TS:  I'm confused.  The kids bring presents to Will/Kyle, we don't give them anything but cake and ice cream.

I, and ultimately Momma Squire, have long been opponents of sending the kids home from parties with goodie bags.  I think it stems from the knowledge that the cheap crap from the Dollar Tree will wind up broken and in the garbage or under the seat.  We would do something like a Polaroid picture with frame or something the kid could use to remember the party. 

I started this blog with humor because I could believe this story that I am getting ready to share with you.  It is a sad story; but believable in this day.

Party Host Threatened When Kids Don't Get Cake

Man Showed Gun To Host

Police said one man took it a little too seriously when his kids didn't get cake at a birthday party.
Memphis police said Joseph Hayes was angry his children didn't get any treats at the party. Investigators said he returned home, tucked his gun in his pants and then went back to the party.
When he got back, police said, he showed the gun to the host and told them to take care of his kids.
Hayes was charged with aggravated assault.

Zach, A Tennessee Squire and still a goodie bag boycotter

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