Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheerleaders -

Momma Squire had best be getting her elbow warmed up for the game tonight. No, she isn't going in as the starting QB for the middle school football team. She will be sitting next to me in the stands as we watch Will play football. The elbow mysteriously finds it way into my side a few times during football games. It may be for me reminding Mr Zebra that the yellow hankie in his pocket actually has a purpose other than padding his butt. However, lately it she has been elbowing me due to my criticisms of the cheerleaders.

Whether it is screaming "We want six more!!!" when the score is zip to zip, "Touchdown, touchdown we want a touchdown" when we are on defense, or "take that ball away" while we are on offense, these things make me want to fling a stadium chair. I tried to correct them from the top bleacher, but alas, they couldn't hear me over all their yelling. I actually mentioned it to the school principal. She just shook her head when I suggested passing a football 101 test be a requirement for cheering.

So hopefully, as the season winds down tonight, our cheerleaders have at least learned to know when to cheer what cheer and I can relax and enjoy the game in peace with this off my chest...no wait, pom-poms - have you seen what the pom poms look like now or whatever happened to that classic cheer - Rock Steady.....


  1. Perhaps they s/b required to take the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader test and score better than the players:


  2. My girls hated me when they were cheerleaders because I was the only fan (loudly) doing all the things they asked the fans to do in the cheers.

  3. My wife was a cheerleader- 'nuff said

  4. You can't expect pretty girls to know and be able to do everything. One or two things tops.

  5. Coach's better half...October 14, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    I am embarassed to say that I too was a cheerleader and couldn't tell you who our quarterback was much less when he was on the field or what that meant when he was. I was more concerned about making sure my hair looked nice and I was wearing the correct sweater. You know ... like good cheerleaders do... Don't be too hard on them - they are kids... And I would be willing to wager dinner that at least one kid actually playing on the football team didn't know when we were on offense/defense... :) Just saying...