Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Office Pet Peeves

There have been many books and articles written about office etiquette, e-mail etiquette, and general manners. This is my attempt at letting you know my Office Pet Peeves; and let me know what bugs you.

Passing in the hallway without saying hello – we are the only two people in the hall and I say “hello”. Don’t flippin’ ignore me. At least grunt or something. Makes you look real bad and arrogant.

Coffee Pot – The Company spends money on the coffee service and even gets the deluxe model with the direct feed water supply and pre-packaged coffee. If the pot is empty or even close to empty, MAKE A NEW POT!! It isn’t that hard. Just empty the pouch and push the friggin’ “brew” button. I will give you a pass if it is after 3:00, but not making it in the morning reeks of elitism.

Walking two wide & not moving – You aren’t that skinny! Go single file when meeting people. Chances are, you won’t survive a hit from me.

Lurking while on phone – If I am on the phone, pacing back and forth will not make me finish up quicker. Leave me a note, voice mail, e-mail, or give me the “call me” signal.

Ignoring signs/mentions regarding delving into conversation while lunching, etc. – If I am eating or tell you that I have a meeting in 5 minutes, that means that I don’t have time to chat.

Follow up communication – If you send me an e-mail, don’t call and tell me that you sent me an e-mail.

“Reply All” – Think before you hit this button. If you are telling a sender that they inadvertently chose the “everyone” distribution, everyone on the distribution list does not need to know.

Elevator Pile-In – Wait for people to exit the elevator before you charge into it.

That is a start of the list. Let me hear what your office pet peeves are.


  1. what about someone leaving a message on your voice mail that just says, "call me."

    What about asking the admin to make 12 copies for you for a meeting when you just spent 30 minutes online setting your fantasy football lineup?

    What about cleaning up after yourself in the breakroom? If you spill a little sugar, or creamer or coffee grounds, wipe up your mess.

  2. I agree with the "lurkers" while you're on the phone - I can think of several people who do that.

    When I had to stock supplies in IA, I never understood how the flags, posty notes, etc. could go from being tidy to looking like a tornado ran through there. Are people that flustered? Or was it a big choice to make (red or yellow flag)? I don't get it.

    And along with Ozzy's cleaning up after yourself, don't leave a freakin' mess in the copy room (a little pile of staples recently removed from a stack of documents was always a personal fave)...how hard it is to walk two steps to the recycle bin or trash can? LAZY.

    ~ Lois

  3. I'm on the fence about greeting in the hall. That's a big thing at my new job. But if you walk past someone ten times, it gets a little weird and I feel like I need to freshen it up a little. I start feeling like Rob Schneider in that SNL sketch.