Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Joys pf Christmas Shopping

Quick blog to relate what just happened to me regarding the search for a Christmas present for the eldest offspring. Since eldest offspring may read this, I will call the desired present a "widget". I know it's common, but it is easier to type than "thingamabob" or "doohickey".

Momma Squire & I shopped around some stores yesterday for the widget, but couldn't find the complete set of widgets we wanted, just individual widgets. So, SuperDad/Hubby sprang into action this morning at the crack of dawn and searched the internet. Found the widget for desired for $108 online; uh-oh, shipping is $128. Don't think so. Next I searched for the widget on the Sears website & found the set of widgets in the outlet section for $63, which was $96 off the suggested retail price. Great, I'll take it and this clearance/outlet item is at the Sears in Bellevue! I have the choice of printing a piece of paper out & giving to store personnel to retrieve & then purchase or purchase it on-line & then pick it up. Not being able to check the "accept as/is" disclaimer box, I chose to print & go.

I get to Sears and waited for the nice retired man who didn't diversify his 401(k) to finish helping the retired lady who evidently did diversify and had tons of time. I handed him my paper after clicking a couple of buttons said "We don't have this in stock". "But wait, the piece of paper and website say you do" exclaimed the Tennessee Squire who was on his "lunch break". Thinking that I might have somehow "reserved" the item, I kindly ask him to please check in the back after he offered. After about 5 minutes, he returns and asks me to follow him to the pick-up area. SUCCESS!!! They had my widget!!! Jim Ed Bob from Possum Trot comes out & asks for my credit card as I think he is going to take my payment. Here is the conversation:

JEB: "I need it to match your payment in the system."
TS: "What payment?"
JEB: "The payment you made when you bought it online."
TS: "I didn't pay for it on-line, I printed the paper."
JEB: "Oh"
TS: "So, my widget is back there?"
JEB: "I don't know. I didn't look. Wait right here."

After another 5 minutes, retired man retrieves me & leads to a checkout station after informing me that they do have my widget. I could hear Handel’s choir singing as he swiped my card and I paid for my widget which was delivered and placed in my truck about 2 minutes later.

Success can be had if one perseveres. Happy Shopping.

Zach, A Tennessee Squire


  1. So, this is a heavy widget. I am dying of curiosity. Is it weights?

  2. When Sears and Kmart merged, it was like the inbreeding of two illiterate cousins. They've done nothing but breed more 'tards since getting hitched. I can't stand shopping at either place.

  3. Ozzy, he TOLD you it's for Squire, Jr and can't release that information!! :-)