Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Will

Fourteen years ago, Momma Squire & I welcomed our first born into the world. Will came in with fanfare via a rushed (not emergency) C-Section at 9 lbs 2 oz & 21 inches long. He has brightened our lives ever since. He now shaves, talks very deep, has a girlfriend, plays basketball, plays football, and is obviously thinking about driving in a couple of short years.

Thinking about Will turning 14 got me to wondering about when I was 14 – what I was thinking, who I liked, and what was happening in the world. Well, since I can’t remember take the garbage out on Wednesday morning; I couldn’t rely on my noggin for what was happening in 1978 when I was 14. Thank goodness for the Internet. Based upon information @, here is what was happening in 1978:
• The Dow closed the year at 805. It is 10,281 as I type this.
• Gasoline cost $.63/gallon.
• Cult leader Jim Jones instructed 400 church members to commit suicide in Guyana.
• Illinois Bell introduces the first ever Cellular Mobile Phone System.
• Space Invaders launches the computer video game craze.
• First test tube baby (Louise Brown) is born in England.
• Popular films included Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Animal House, & Jaws 2.
• TV shows included Happy Days, Charlie’s Angels, Love Boat, Three’s Company, and Quincy.

Wow. Think about how much and how quickly things have progressed from then until now? What will it be like for Will when he is 45? Will we finally be at “the future” as portrayed by the Jetsons? We are partially there now.

Birthdays in our house are always happy days. Today is not an exception. Happy Birthday Will.

Zach, a Tennessee Squire

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